Beads of Courage Tutorials

Donating beads to Beads of Courage should not be just about sending off mistakes or beads that turned out downright ugly (we’ve all been there).

Remember that the kids that get your bead, and their families, this is a meaningful experience; one that will last a lifetime. So the idea is to give Beads of Courage beads that is your best work, albeit work done to please children and teens.

The tutorials found here are designed to help you create, using your own imagination and talent, good Beads of Courage beads. Good luck and . . .

Thanks for your good work and your caring, from Soda Lime Times and all the other contributing beadmakers, everywhere.

What is the Beads of Courage Program?

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Halloween Bead Tutorials

by Lori Peterson

Includes several beads suitable for the kids in Beads of Courage. You could also make them for a Halloween jewelery.
Thanks Lori.
Murrini Store:

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Snow Cone Bead

A great bead for kids and especially for Beads of Courage Kids. A Soda Lime Times Lampwork University Tutorial.