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January 2021 SLT January 2021 - Featured Artist Helen Andre
The January 2021 issue: Our featured artist is Helen Andre. Articles include Quarks & Fossils & Twisties, Oh My! - Review of Corina's Quarks and Fossils Classes by Anna Miller, and Bead Release - Part 2 - My Beads Are Stuck!!! by Diane Woodall. Tutorials include Narcissi (small earring flower beads) by Helen Andre; All-in-One Copper and Glass Cabochon Pendant by Julie Couch; You Are My Universe! (marble style galaxy beads) by Diane Woodall; and Sweater Weather (a sheep in a sweat bead for Beads of Courage) by Karen Colaneri.
58 pages
February 2021 SLT February 2021 - Featured Artist Sheila Davis
The February 2021 issue: Our featured artist is Sheila Davis. Articles include Reichenbach Colors – How Do I love Thee! by Anna Miller and 1000-Bead Challenge Update by Diane Woodall. Tutorials include Tribal Relics by Sheila Davis; Forget-Me-Not Heart – End of the Mandrel Pendant by Julie Nordine; Organic Heart Lentils by Debbie Sanders; and Foxy February – Beads of Courage Tutorial by Karen Colaneri.
82 pages
March 2021 SLT March 2021 - Featured Artist Karen Leonardo
The March 2021 issue: Our featured artist is Karen Leonardo. Articles include Feeling Puffy-Puffy Mandrels by Anna Millerand Facebook Sales Groups-What is it Like to be an Administrator? by Stacey Kroft. Tutorialsinclude Karen’s Signature Boro Flower-The Leonardo Lampwork Petal Pullerby Karen Leonardo; Spring Vibes-Bohemian Organics Setby Jenelle Aubade and Daniel Caracas; Broken Bead Earringsby Hannah Rosner; and Percy the Puffer Fishby Diane Woodall.
67 pages
April 2021 SLT April 2021 - Featured Karen Colaneri
The April 2021 issue: Our featured artist is Karen Colaneri. Articles include Bead Photography 101 by Anna Miller and Wrapping Beads for Beads of Courage by Diane Woodall. Tutorials include Succulent Planters - Glass Succulents for Your Garden by Karen Colaneri; Hearts are Perfect All Year Long by Shannon Vickers; Twist it Up! -Turquoise and Clio Big Hole Beads by Gea Hines; and Rainbows Make Me Smile -Rainbow Gravity Swirl Beads for Beads of Courage by Diane Woodall.
65 pages
May 2021 SLT May 2021 - Featured Oksana Puzhalova
The May 2021 issue: The May 2021 issue is our annual floral issue with featured artist Oksana Puzhalova. Articles include Bead Photography 102 by Anna Miller, and Life of Russian Beadmaker Elena Hernburg by Tina Whittimore. Tutorials include Dew-Kissed Flower by Oksana Puzhalova; Cheerful Marigolds by Carolyn Baum; Glass Roses by Olia Oleksiichuk; and Fritzie Flower Garden for Beads of Courage by Diane Woodall.
87 pages
June 2021 SLT June 2021 - Featured Artist Molly Cooley
The June 2021 issue: The June 2021 issue is our last issue to be published. It is also the biggest issue, at 90 pages. Our featured artist is Molly Cooley. Articles include Creativity and the Next Great Bead Project by Heather Trimlett; Bead Photography 301 by Anna Miller; and Kiss My Glass - Santa Cruz Glass-Lovers Destination by Diane Woodall. Tutorials include Lunar Eclipse at Sea by Molly Cooley; Bellflower Murrini - The Nature of Fives by Rachel Childers; Hearts in Paradise - Sea Salt Heart from Sunny Baja by Jenelle Aubade and Daniel Caracus; and Pinwheel Flowers and Feathered Birdie for Beads of Courage by Karen Colaneri.
90 pages

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