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About Soda Lime Times

Soda Lime Times is an offshoot of the monthly newsletter produced for years for the Houston Society of Glass Beadmakers (also known as the Houston Hotties).

The newsletter and the name was the brainchild of Janet Robinson. Janet was the Times’ first editor. In it’s second year Diane Woodall assumed the role as editor.

Eventually the Soda Lime Times grew to one that became known among lampwork suppliers, and the beadmaking community as a whole. Over time people asked if and when the newsletter might be available to them; so much so that a larger audience for the “Times” became evident.

In the summer of 2011, Diane Woodall acquired all rights to the name and the format of the Houston Hotties newsletter (the Soda Lime Times), and the Times as you see it now was born.

The newsletter is now an inbox magazine having expanded its format, its content and its scope to include appealing content for bead makers, beadmaking suppliers, makers of jewelry using lampwork beads, and those that love the art that lampwork beads absolutely are.

Now set up as a monthly subscription magazine, the scope of the offering has expanded to include a web site (this web site) that provides even more videos, PDF’s, and content directed at helping lampworkers gain more skill, see more horizons and realize more gain from their work.


Diane Woodall, Managing Editor:

Diane started making beads in her garage in 2002. Working as a full time real estate appraiser, she progressively made more time for her first loves: the torch, the glass and the beads.Diane Woodall

Diane and her sister, Becky Mason, developed several signature styles and types of beads for which they became known. Among those were sea shell, animal print, and organic theme beads. The team of Diane and Becky produced a number of successful tutorials, some of which are still available; and, Diane has produced well received tutorials on her own.

Diane works full time now on the Soda Lime Times and is loving it. Every day she says she can’t wait to go to “work.” Her first loves: the torch, the glass, the beads, and now the magazine; won out.