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The tutorials you will find here are free for your use and information.

These free tutorials may or may not be exclusive to Soda Lime Times. It is possible you may find them elsewhere on the web. The creator of the tutorial has given us permission to include their work here.

Our objective, over time, is to amass a significant library of quality, useful bead making tutorials. Those that may be accessed free of charge will be included here.

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Tutorials: Click on the PDF Icon or the Video Icon, as applicable, to access the adjacent tutorial.
PDF Silvered Ivory Scroll Marble This tutorial by Jason Powers is from our September 2016 issue. In this tutorial Jason will demonstrate how to make a soft glass marble using a marble mold and basic lampworking tools.
PDF Luscious Lemon Pie This tutorial by Diane Woodall that appeared in the July 2017 issue. In this tutorial Diane demonstrates making a fun and easy pie bead that is perfect for Beads of Courage. It is for lemon, but you can make these in any flavor you like.
PDF Happy Snowman! This adorable snowman bead is sure to enchant anyone who receives it. Perfect for Beads of Courage because it is made as a pressed bead with nothing delicate to break off.
PDF Flame Bead Tutorial Dichroic flames dance atop a black background on this beautiful focal bead by the talented Lisa St. Martin. From the July 2015 issue of Soda Lime Times.
PDF Bats and Pumpkins This easy tutorial by Sabrina Koebel will show you how to make a cute pumpkin and bats that you can turn into some fun Halloween jewelry.
PDF Charming-Seashell-Headpins  This tutorial will show you how to make a little auger bead on the end of a mandrel and then turn it into a headpin. This method works for lots of other bead styles as well.
PDF Delphinium Garden  Eye-catching focal bead featuring watercolor delphiniums, made with frit and striped cane. Thanks Sheila Davis!
PDF Ham  Are you hungry? Here's a fun and easy ham tutorial by swiss artists Trix Rémy and Angela Meier. All you need is some eggs and toast and it's breakfast!
PDF Ice Cream Sundae  If you want to satisfy your sugar craving with no calories, you will love these little ice cream sundae beads. Fun, easy, and addictive!
PDF Sparkle the Owl  Cute owl bead with touches of dichroic for a little bling. Thanks to Loti Peterson and her cat beads for inspiring this design.
PDF Flower Power Jawbreakers  My all-time favorite tutorial for a big, bright floral.
PDF Goody Good Gumdrops   A super easy gumdrop bead made from transparent glass and clear frit. Perfect for the holidays! And zero calories!
ice cream cone bead How to Make an Ice Cream Cone Quick and Easy - Intermediate Level
cube photo How to Make a Cube with Square Sholders and Pointed Corners. Learn Heat Control. Novice Level.
PDF How to Add Cubic Zirconium to your bead. Setting CZ’s, A free tutorial by Lisa Atchison
video Sculpted Flower Bead by Lorraine Dowdle,  Artisan Lampwork and Jewelery Artist.
video Snow Cone Bead - A great bead for kids and especially for Beads of Courage Kids. A Soda Lime Times Lampwork University Tutorial.
video Vine Cane Twistie - For full, rich floral or organic beads a vine cane is almost an essential. Learn how to make a vine cane twistie and stringer in this tutuorial.
PDF Falling Leaves Necklace - In the December, 2011, issue we show how to make wonderful pressed leaves. Use thoes leaves to make a stunning necklace. It is easy, and the result, we think, is terrific.
PDF Twisting It All Up - A special tutorial by one of our favorite contributors, Kris Schaible. Kris shows her method for making twisties using a tool she and her husband developed. The tutorial may be downloaded for free and there is a special offer on the tool until April, 2013, just for Soda Lime Times visitors and subscribers -- that is you.
PDF Striated Encased Purple Heart Lampwork Tutorial - A fun way to use frit to make a heart focal bead with a horizontal hole. From the Dec. 2016 issue of Soda Lime Times.

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